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How to Explain Divorce to Children

by Gregg Herman on 10/02/15

An excellent article on explaining divorce to a child was written by my friend, Atlanta lawyer Randy Kessler, and was published in the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Just one sad comment:  One of (few) good things about divorce in today's world is its prevalence.  When I was a kid (yes, that was a long, long time ago) children of divorce were stigmatized.  When my kids were little, as products of an intact family, they felt they were left out of conversations between their friends when the topic was how much time they would spend with each parent.

Since most kids like to feel included and dislike feeling different, children of divorce today have the advantage (over kids of years ago) that they are not outliers.  So while divorce is still difficult on children, there are plenty of resources and examples to make the process easier.

Public reprimand for lying to court

by Gregg Herman on 09/16/15

If a lay person heard that a lawyer lied to the court, their reaction would be "That lawyer will be/should be disbarred!"

Not in Wisconsin.

Today, in In the Matter of Disciplinary Proceedings Against Charles A. Boyle, the Supreme Court overrode the recommendation of the referee of a 90 day suspension (OLR recommended a 60 days suspension) in favor of a public reprimand.

Amazingly, the two most liberal members of the court, Justices Ann Walsh Bradley and Shirley S. Abrahamson, dissented.  Justice Bradley wrote:  I consider making false statements to a circuit court a grievous matter."

It's too bad that five other justices, a majority of the court, don't feel that way.

Settlement Methods

by Gregg Herman on 09/16/15

My column in this issue of Inside Track, published by the Wisconsin State Bar, is entitled:  Methods for Settlement Negotiations.

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