Surviving The Holidays During A Divorce

By Attorney Gregg Herman
December 5, 2013

On the theory that there is nothing wrong with “re-blogging,” a recent post by my new friend, Jennifer Brandt, a family law attorney from Philadelphia, makes some excellent suggestions on how to survive the holidays if you are going through a divorce.  No sense re-inventing the wheel, especially when it is so well made by someone else!

Btw, I met Jennifer at the ABA FLS fall meeting in October in Deer Valley, Utah, when she agreed at the last minute to join me in my presentation on the 10 Commandments on Settlement Negotiations.  Not only did this allow me to make my flight back home, but we are planning on working together on other projects.  This, again, demonstrates the value of going to these meetings.  Besides the information which helps in our practice, you meet the nicest people!

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