Same Sex Divorce

By Attorney Gregg Herman
February 18, 2015

My latest column in the Wisconsin Law Journal is my somewhat whimsical speculation on same-sex divorce – which will be the inevitable result of some of the same-sex marriages.   In the article, I speculate on some possible issues.

Let me take a moment, however, and express a moment of regret over the resignation from the Wisconsin Law Journal of my long time editor Jane Salem.  Jane began editing my columns when she was living in Wisconsin at least 15 years ago.  Unlike other author-editor relationships, I first saw the edited version when it appeared in print – I never had the need to review the edits.  Jane not only correct my many errors, but always made the article more entertaining.  Now, in addition to her two girls (and marathon training) she has a full-time job and cannot find the time to serve as my distant editor.  I will miss her professional services and help, but wish the best for her, including good running times!

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