Public Reprimand for Lying to Court

By Attorney Gregg Herman
September 16, 2015

If a lay person heard that a lawyer lied to the court, their reaction would be “That lawyer will be/should be disbarred!”

Not in Wisconsin.

Today, in In the Matter of Disciplinary Proceedings Against Charles A. Boyle, the Supreme Court overrode the recommendation of the referee of a 90 day suspension (OLR recommended a 60 days suspension) in favor of a public reprimand.

Amazingly, the two most liberal members of the court, Justices Ann Walsh Bradley and Shirley S. Abrahamson, dissented.  Justice Bradley wrote:  I consider making false statements to a circuit court a grievous matter.”

It’s too bad that five other justices, a majority of the court, don’t feel that way.

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