Lawyers and the Media

By Attorney Gregg Herman
March 5, 2013

A news item today describes Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy hearing yesterday.

According to the article, she was accompanied to the hearing by six – count ’em, six – lawyers.  Remember, this is to a bankruptcy hearing!  Then, the article notes that:

Anthony owes one of her lawyers nearly $500,000, along with $220,000 in court-ordered trial costs, investigative expenses and criminal fines plus $69,000 to the Internal Revenue Service.

I have no clue why it takes six lawyers to represent anyone in this world, or why six lawyers would want to represent her when she owes one lawyer a half a million dollars.

Wait a second – yes, I do have a clue about the second question.  The lure of the media is too great to resist.

The image, however, of a woman accused of killing her daughter (although she was acquitted) being accompanied to bankruptcy court by a half dozen lawyers does not look good for anyone.  It’s difficult to ascertain the benefit to Ms. Anthony.  And it sure does not look good for the legal system where a hearing becomes a circus.

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