Jon Peter Genrich

By Attorney Gregg Herman
January 12, 2014

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel contains an obituary for Jon Peter Genrich, who died Christmas Day.  Jon Peter was my team captain when I was an ADA for Milwaukee County.

Readers Digest used to have a feature entitled “The Most Unforgettable Person I Ever Met” (or something like that).  Were I to have ever written that feature, Jon Peter would certainly have been featured.

The obituary, written by his four children, sum him up as a person better than I ever could.  My memory of Jon Peter relates mostly to three things:  First, his brilliance.  I have never met a legal mind like that.  He had a photographic memory for cases.  Asking him for a reference was better than any search engine ever devised.

Second, his loyalty.  As a team member, he unfailing supported me, enjoyed my success and was reassuring if things didn’t go well.

Finally, his passion.  The obituary discusses several of his obsessions, including for justice.  He was highly passionate for what he believed, sometimes to a fault.

He was a fascinating lawyer and person.  Rest in peace, Jon Peter.

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