Forensic Fraud Investigation

By Attorney Gregg Herman
December 20, 2012

The popular wisdom seems to believe that everyone going through a divorce lies about his or her assets and commits fraud.  In actuality (call me naive), I truly believe that the vast majority of divorcing people are little different than anyone else:  They are honest and would not commit fraud anymore than they would rob a bank.

That being said, note that I said “little” different – not “no” different.  Divorce brings the worst out in people and in addition to those who are basically dishonest, some otherwise honest people think there is an exception to the part of the Ten Commandments about not bearing false witness against thy neighbor if the “thy neighbor” is thy soon to be ex-spouse.

However, discovering the fraud is not easy.  Therefore, good divorce lawyers keep contact information for fraud investigators.  One such investigator, Tracy Coenen, happens to work in my building and her blog is an excellent resource to have available for the appropriate case.  Tracy is a CPA certified in financial forensics and as a fraud examiner.

For the cases where the numbers don’t add, Tracy is an excellent resource to have on your side.

Attorney Gregg Herman is a founding partner of Loeb & Herman, LLC in Milwaukee, WI. He practices family law exclusively, and can be reached via e-mail or by calling (414) 272-5632.