Ex-Guv’s Son Gets Pass on OWI

By Attorney Gregg Herman
September 14, 2012

One of the things which gives me pride in the Wisconsin legal system is that unlike certain other states, I have found it to be generally free of political favoritism.

Therefore, I hope this story which just appeared in the Wisconsin Law Journal is incorrect.

According the story, a judge dismissed a drunk driving charge against the son of former Governor Doyle due to lack of probable cause.  The story reads “According to police reports, the younger Doyle was pulled over after an officer saw him weaving. Two officers say they detected the odor of alcohol.”

Guess what?  Weaving is probable cause for a stop.  The odor of alcohol is probable cause for asking for a breathalyzer.

So, unless something is wrong with this story, the only reason to dismiss would be the defendant’s father.

I hope there is more to the story than this…otherwise, it is a sad day for the Wisconsin legal system.

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