Eighth Time Disciplined Equals 60 Day Suspension

By Attorney Gregg Herman
November 21, 2012

Once again, the Wisconsin Supreme Court illustrates the lax discipline it imposes on lawyers in this state.

Today, the court issued an opinion suspending the license of Arik Guenther for 60 days.  The opinion does not specify the nature of the grievance which led up to this suspension. Since Mr. Guenther did not bother to respond to the complaint, the court suspended his license on a default basis.

Notice the words “this” suspension.  According to the opinion, Mr. Guenther has a disciplinary history which includes three private reprimands, one public reprimand and three (count ’em, three) suspensions.

By my count, this instant case is his eighth time he has been disciplined.  And, he did not even bother to respond to the complaint.

And the court thinks that a 60 days suspension is appropriate?  Really????

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