Contingent Custody and Placement Orders

By Attorney Gregg Herman
May 30, 2013

I’ve ranted in the past about the cases in Wisconsin which prohibit contingent custody/placement orders.  A recent pro/con debate in the Wisconsin Journal of Family Law allows me to renew my rant.  So I wrote an article in today’s online version of the Wisconsin Law Journal.

While I appreciate that the courts want to protect children, so do their parents.  Plus, the parents are in a better position to do so as they have better knowledge of the situation.  Since the courts cannot police everyday interaction, we have to trust parents to protect their children.

And guess what?  Most do a very good job of it.

Big Brother needs to step back and allow fit parents to do their jobs.  Except for abusive parents, who are a very small minority, parents will be a better job than will any third parties, including the court system.

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