6 Spiritual Lessons I Learned from Being a Divorce Attorney

By Attorney Gregg Herman
February 7, 2014

My friend, Phil Tucker, from Oklahoma, posted a link to this article on FaceBook.

While I don’t relate to the yoga and meditation strategies, the main points are well worth reading.

Recently, the ‘letting go’ part is particular relevant to my cases.  I seem to have a lot of cases right now where one side simply will not accept that the marriage is over.  Since our legal system encourages, rather than discourages, litigation, the effect is to drag on a process and making it more difficult and expensive than should be the case.

In the end, the divorce is granted anyway.  So all that is accomplished is delaying the inevitable.

Professor John Lande of the University of Missouri (with whom I wrote an article on collaborative and cooperative divorce a few years ago) wrote a book promoting “Planned Early Negotiating.”   Professor Lande outlined a process to get to the real issues in play at the beginning of the process, before substantial additional damage is done to the parties emotionally and financially.

Unfortunately, in the real world, it rarely works.  The emotions have to go through the ‘stages of grief’ before arriving at acceptance.

Hmmm, maybe meditation and yoga would be helpful…

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