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For New Clients

We place great emphasis on our clients, and, pursuant to our firm’s “Ten Commandments“, do everything possible to making clients comfortable with all of the aspects of their unique case.

Our client intake process is quite straightforward:

Initial Consultation

This is the first visit between client and attorney, a time for each to assess the other. Background information is gathered, and divorce procedures and alternatives are explained. There is a fee for this consultation, although no time limit is imposed and no commitment is made. At the end of the meeting the attorney will quote a retainer fee to the client.


If both client and attorney are comfortable with each other, the next step is to retain the attorney by signing a fee agreement and providing the retainer fee. Summons, petition and notice of retainer will be prepared as necessary, depending upon which spouse is initiating the action.


Divorce can be complicated, and no case is the same. Please watch the videos below or browse our index of divorce articles to familiarize yourself with the process and specific issues. If you have any questions or would like to set-up an appointment, please visit our contact area. In the meantime, please watch

New Client Videos