Your divorce should be about settlement, not conflict.

Mediation Services from Loeb & Herman

When looking for a divorce mediator, experience and integrity are key.

Mediation is not easy. Nothing about facing the end of marriage is. But mediation offers a sensible, affordable path to an energized reconciliation or a successful transition to a healthy co-parenting relationship in separation or divorce.

Mediation encourages cooperative decision making, which fosters the best outcomes. Our firm’s reputation rests on the high quality and comprehensive services our clients receive.

Your Mediator

Attorney Gregg Herman is a well respected family law attorney and certified mediator, having completed 40 hours of divorce and family mediation training from the University of Wisconsin Department of Continuing Studies.

Whether your situation is relatively straightforward, involves highly compensated employees and/or high net worth individuals, Gregg will walk you through the mediation process, and at a significant cost savings over traditional divorce. The mediation can take place with or without lawyers, and, for financially challenged clients, a sliding fee scale is also available.


If you’d like to explore Loeb & Herman’s mediation services more fully, please contact us either via our contact page or by calling (414) 272-5632.